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Anti-tamper asset labels and custom asset labels or asset id labels, cheap asset tags and asset tags labels is a limited company (Ltd), a company incorporated in England & Wales. 

Anti-tamper asset labels and custom asset labels or asset id labels, cheap asset tags and asset tags labels
Anti-tamper asset labels and custom asset labels or asset id labels, cheap asset tags and asset tags labels

We aim to provide a superior service to our customers and supply of security options. Anti-tamper asset labels protect your assets. Use more custom asset labels.

Such as tamper-evident security seals, security labels, asset labels, and complementary products.

We also offer services to satisfy the needs of your business.

As a private company with fewer overheads, yet we offer the benefits of efficient customer service with competitive pricing across the board. Anti-tamper asset labels protect your assets

We offer a wide range of commonly used stock products, that are available quickly and simply via the website with e-commerce.

We also provide a free consultation and rapid quotations for bespoke options where required.

Our products are generally all about the provision of hologram security, asset protection, and tamper evidence.

Our products provide quick visual evidence of either tampering or the unauthorized opening of a package, a void space, door, etc.

Usually, most products are sequentially or custom numbered with individual bespoke options available.

Such choices include design printing, adding barcodes, UV sensitive ink printing, holographic images, etc.

Our stock product inventory is always available. However, we recommend customization of stock inventory for added security.

We endeavor to introduce any relevant, innovative products. Anti-tamper asset stickers protect your assets

To that effect, if you have any requirements or ideas, do not hesitate to contact us via our website page “Special Order Products” or email or call us.

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Anti-tamper Asset Labels

Otherwise known as self-adhesive or surface mount security seals or void labels.

For TSA, airline and airport security professionals to maintain seals on doors and hatches.

They are a simple but effective way to the provision of public security for a low cost 

There are variations in the type of adhesive and method of tamper evidence to suit most applications, be it fabric, metal, etc. 

They act as a deterrent — also, brand protection, anti-counterfeit, and quality assurance QA.

Asset labels

Also known as asset ID labels (asset identification labels). These labels are for use (along with bar code inventory security) with a secure audit trail of assets.

Anti-tamper asset labels protect your assets

These labels, by their very nature, should stay affixed once applied and are destructible upon removal.

Security Hologram Labels

These holograms (stock and custom security holograms) have relatively low prices with small minimum order quantities. They protect your brand against a host of possible calamities. custom asset tags protect your goods. Cheap asset tags are good.

Special Purpose Labels

This category of security includes other tamper evident security solutions such as re-useable, heavy-duty, tamper-evident bags, security pouches, security envelopes, etc.

Anti-tamper asset labels protect your assets

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